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Summer of Fun

May 5, 2023

ACF is excited to announce the ‘Summer of Fun’ project to help the kids we serve enjoy their summer to the fullest.

During the months of June & July, the kids will enjoy different fun summer activities that they haven’t been able to enjoy for the last few years. The highlight of these activities will be the VBS camp in early July. ACF will be sending a mission team to help support the camp this year. This will be the first full team sent to do a camp in 3 years.

The goal is to bring a carnival to the Point of Hope Center in June. A day of swimming at the local pool or just a good old picnic are other fun plans These fun summer activities are needed so the kids can relax and enjoy a fun summer. All of these plans take a good amount of money and we are excited to announce that $10,000 worth of MATCHING FUNDS have been made available.

So, every dollar donated to help support this ‘Summer of Fun’ up to $10,000 will be matched. This is an incredible opportunity to help one child enjoy their summer. We’re not asking people to do anything dramatic. Just a donation. Maybe $20 or $50 or any amount that makes sense for you. Because that is how this challenge is met.

The challenges these children have already overcome is inspiring to all of us who have invested into their lives. It’s amazing to see how they persevere through life’s struggles. They just need someone like you to continue to meet their spiritual needs, which are strengthened at a VBS camp.

Ioana is one of the girls hoping to go to camp this summer. Ioana is 11 years old and is enrolled in the Point of Hope Development Center’s after-school program. When she was asked about going to camp, she said this, “Last year my best friend got to go to camp and she said it was so much fun. She has to do things she had never done before. I hope I get the chance to do camp someday. Maybe this year!”

Supporting is easy! Just complete special reply card today or go to anotherchildfoundation.org to make a SAFE & SECURE online donation.

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