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May 29, 2024

In April of this year, a team of nine awesome folks from Another Child went on a special trip to Guatemala to spread love and help out. They were all about Jesus and wanted to make a big difference during their 10-day adventure.

At first, they had a plan to give out 1000 pairs of rain boots to kids in Guatemala. But guess what? God had other ideas! The boots got stuck somewhere in customs, so the team only had 30 pairs left from the last group. But instead of feeling down, they decided to change their
plans and do something even cooler.

They visited homes and met families, bringing smiles and kindness wherever they went. They even got to visit a brand-new village called Mestela, where a school will be built soon. The folks there were in for a treat – the team gave them special water filters for their homes. They set up a whopping 84 filters, making sure everyone had clean water to drink. Plus, they talked to the village folks to learn what else they needed, like the educational needs of the community.

The best part? Every single water filter found a new home that day! And while they were at it, Mike Gray from Mercy Waters and other team members shared some amazing news about Jesus and how He’s like fresh, clean water for the soul. It was a special moment for everyone

But the fun didn’t stop there! The team also got to experience unique things about Guatemalan life, like fun activities and traditions. It helped them understand the people they were helping even better.

All in all, it was an awesome trip filled with love, kindness, and making new friends. The team might not have had all the rain boots they planned, but they sure made a big splash in Guatemala!

Our next Guatemala trip is September 11-21, 2024! You can learn more about this trip by clicking here

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