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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ACF ensure that donors are getting value with the contributions?
Another Child Foundation is a 501 c 3 registered organization. ACF is intentional in being good stewards of every dollar given. We take all of our financial reporting seriously and to do so with the highest level of integrity.

1 Corinthians 4:2 Moreover it is required of all stewards to be found trustworthy.

What is the mission of Another Child Foundation?

Our specific Just Cause is to fight for the right of every voiceless child, born or unborn to have their own unique and God-given voice. We do this be helping people do missions better through diverse partnerships with like-minded people. ACF is looking for as many people as possible to join us in the Just Cause of being a Voice for the Voiceless child.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child and what benefits does each child receive?
Sponsorships start at $25 and  can go as high as the $200 a month it requires to provide the  educational, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of these children. Each child is individually evaluated so that their specific needs are being met.
Is evangelism part of what Another Child Foundation does while helping children?
Christian principles and Biblical teachings are the cornerstone of EVERYTHING we do! Without the guidelines God has set before us  our work would be futile.
How does Another Child Foundation stand out compared to other larger organizations?
ACF feels the advantage of the work we do for children and families is the work is done with the highest quality possible. We measure our success not by the width of our organization but by the depth of the programs we offer. This is a major difference compared to some larger organizations.


 To reach, teach, and transform the lives of orphaned and at-risk children.


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