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Year-End Giving Opportunity!

Dec 17, 2017

Now is the time to help the children God has entrusted to our care with a  SPECIAL YEAR-END GIFT. There are 2 EASY ways to Give!

  1. Go to https://acfstorymaking.mydagsite.com/ and make an online donation
  2. Text the word STORY to 50155 to make a secure donation

Earlier this year we shared with you the story of a young mother who had to make the difficult choice of which one of her kids would have to sleep on the hard cold floor. Here is the story again…

On a clear, cold winter night in Romania, a mother goes to put her children to bed. Once again she has the challenge of keeping each of her six children warm and healthy. She has a tremendous responsibility that I can’t personally even imagine or relate to. You see, the reason this is such a challenge is that this mother has only one bed and one couch for herself, husband, and six children. Tonight she will have to make a choice of who sleeps on the floor of their cold and drafty one room apartment. It was Alex who was chosen to sleep on the floor tonight. Alex is in for a long cold night.

I am to happy report that our donors SOLVED this problem and 150 sleeping bags were given out to help kids keep warm during those cold Romanian nights.

Problem solving is what YOU do as a supporter of this ministry. Here is just a SHORT list of what other problems your support solved during the past year at the Point of Hope Center in Romania:

  • 2 warm and nutritious meals EACH DAY
  • Showers and clean clothes
  • A top-notch Christian focused education
  • Medicine for any illness the children develop
  • Life-skill development in our 3 life-skill rooms
  • Provide the ability for these kids to have a VOICE in their lives

With the year coming to an end we do want to share with you a need our kids have and hope you can help with a YEAR-END GIFT.

With temps often plunging below zero, having a warm place for the these children to come each day is especially expensive during the winter. Can you help us with a YEAR-END gift to enable us to continue to provide a warm and cozy place for these children to come each day and bask in the warmth of God’s love?  A gift will be used to help offset the high cost of heating our school this winter.

To help you decide how much to consider supporting, we can share with you that it takes about $20 extra dollars each day during the coldest of these winter months (100 days). Could you help by giving:

$20 for 1 day of warmth

$100 for 1 week

$200 for 10 days

$600 for a month

Whatever level of support you decide to give will be an answered prayer !

It doesn’t get much better than that!

The final image I want you to imagine is a steady stream of children flowing into the Point of Hope Center on a bitterly cold day. As the children settle into their desks for the day a smile crosses their little faces. The teachers are ready to share the love of God with these children for another day simply because you shared with them some of the resources God has gifted to you.

PLEASE join us in this effort of providing a warm learning environment with a SPECIAL YEAR-END gift ? I know you’ll be proud! I guarantee your donation will bring you warmth & joy also. Thank you for caring!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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