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Water Filters & Bibles

“Approximately 525,000 children under the age of five die from diarrheal diseases each year. These diseases can be prevented by drinking clean water and practicing good sanitation habits.

Mike Gray- Mercy Waters Founder

Providing Clean & Living Water with One Gift!

A lack of clean and filtered water in Romania and Central America is leaving children and their families without the most basic essential earthly item they need to survive. This is simply unacceptable is today’s world.

Will you please give a gift by September 30 to help one family that desperately needs clean drinking water?

Your gift will help a child and their family by providing clean filtered drinking water in their home.  Your gift of a water filter also includes a family Bible, which provides the more important Living Water that Jesus talks about throughout the gospel of John. 

It’s urgent that you give before September 30.  

We recently heard about the Lucaci family who needs help.  Their story will show you how needed and powerful your gift is! 

The Lucaci family comes from a small village in Romania.  They’ve lived in their small 2 room home with 7 children for the past 8 years. 

Today the Lucaci’s drink water they gather from a local unclean water source. The water is not clean enough to safely drink but the family has no options so they continue to consume unsafe water. 

You can see why it’s so important to act now by giving a water filter.  The consequences of waiting can be heartbreaking.  So it’s urgent that you give before the September 30 deadline. 

If child and their family doesn’t receive the help they need in time, then sickness due to unclean drinking water will remain in their homes.  I don’t want that to happen, and neither do you. 

You and I both know that clean water is important! However, we also know that being spiritually clean is important too. This is why your gift of $25 will also provide a family Bible, which will be treasured in the home. 

Jesus showed us the perfect example of how to help people in need. Taking care of a neighbor’s physical need first opens the door for spiritual growth. You can make all this happen with a simple gift of $25. 

You care about these children and their families.  And you know it’s not right that clean drinking water remains out of grasp for many families in these developing countries. 

Your gift will provide clean filtered drinking water for a family.  Your gift will also include a family Bible!  Providing Living Water to a thirsty world is important.  And your gift will support all the work of Another Child. 

Can you make a donation by simply filling out the form directly to the right?  You’ll love knowing that you helped a child and their family in their time of need!

Please send a gift to help today! 

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