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Ukraine Lights

Apr 12, 2023

Your support helped light up the world of a child in Ukraine. Your support and an unexpected gift from a church partner allowed us to donate a large number of solar powered lanterns to children struggling with nightly power outages in war-torn Ukraine.

These solar charged lanterns are eco-friendly, waterproof & portable. The solar lanterns allow children to tap into the most powerful source of energy in our galaxy; the sun. They are lightweight, waterproof, and portable which means they are perfect for the rolling blackouts that shroud the nights in cities like Kiev.

ACF Director Tim Oloffson says, “The colored soft-glow lanterns that were donated are also used to treat PTSD. This is an additional benefit that cannot be understated.”

Your overall support of all the work ACF does reflects the genuine light of Christ throughout the world. Your generosity allows ACF to support the smaller projects that help children wherever an urgent need arises.

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