Summer Camp Testimonial

Apr 27, 2022

As the season for summer camps approaches, we would like to share this reflection from Pastor Dan Hille. Dan has participated in several of our camps in Romania:

“The ACF summer camp program offers kids from Point of Hope not only a reward for all their hard academic work, but also the paradigm shifting experience that is travel. For one week, the hustle and bustle of Tarnaveni is replaced by the majestic rolling hills of Camp Harghita , and for some the scarcity of meals is replaced by the assurance of nutrition. In travel I find we learn more about ourselves than the places we go, this is certainly the case for both kids & volunteers at summer camp. It is one thing the see the beauty of God that is the Carpathian Mountains, though the true power is in reaffirming to the kids that they are also beautiful creations of God almighty, and that God knows and loves each one of them.”

Evangelism truly is the rhythm of the days at camp. As campers build friendship that allow them to share joys, concerns, and dreams with each other in a safe community. Whenever someone asks me “how much of an impact can one week at camp make?” I always respond, “life change.”

If you would like to help with camp this year, click here.

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