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South Africa Recap

Mar 25, 2024

Here is an inspirational recap of the recent Another Child mission trip to George, South Africa. An amazing team of 15 people made up of mostly members of Word of Life Church in Rock Island, Illinois.

Sometimes when going on a mission trip, you aren’t sure what to pray for. Our team just asked God to move, and we were open to whatever that meant.

We were able to visit the school in Thembelethu, a forgotten city but has so much purpose. We did many activities with the kids there but my favorite was holding them and praying over them. We were able to visit New

 Dawn Park, where we were able to minister to those who were homebound by disability or by choice and minister to them, and also serve the community dinner. We were able to spend a lot of time at Ruby Havens, a safe place for foster children.

What a joy to see their smiling faces and see how much they’ve grown from last year. Through our travel to different airports, we watched Him move in our favor as troubles arose to impede our whole team arriving. We watched Him move in our favor with employees of the airline and fellow passengers. We watch Him move in our conversations and interactions with those around us, opening doors to share what our mission was.

We watched Him move in our interactions with the hosts of the guesthouse, with the children and the teachers at the school, with the people in the community where we served. But the biggest place we saw Him move was in each other. Our team grew before our eyes in boldness to share the love of Jesus with those they encountered, and grew in gifts within them they didn’t know were there.

I hope you noticed how present God was in all the activities and ministry efforts of this team. It is amazing to see and feel God working while on mission. I pray this team will take this mission experience and apply it to their daily walk with Him. The goal is not to simply serve in the mission field. The goal is to live a Mission Focused Life.

We also have exciting news that there will be a 2025 Another Child Foundation mission trip going to South Africa in February of 2025. More details will be announced soon!

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