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“Last year my best friend got to go to camp and she said it was so much fun. She got to do things she had never done before. I hope I get the chance to do camp someday. Maybe this year!”

Florina Moldovan


Remember Your First Camp Experience?

We are excited to be sharing with you an incredible opportunity to have your next donation TRIPLED and send a kid (or kids) to camp this summer!     

A last minute matching gift has given you a chance to send 3 kids to camp for the cost of one. We feel privileged to be able to offer you something this exciting. We know there is a child out there praying you’ll take advantage of this fantastic opportunity! 

Here’s the scoop! Covid has caused lots of serious problems for kids the past 15 months. Kids have found themselves depressed and full of anxiety because of being quarantined. These kids need a camp experience and to be in nature surrounded by loving volunteers and counselors. 

The good news is that YOU CAN HELP!

A week at camp is the ticket a child needs to get past this pandemic that’s left them so isolated and needing true and loving relationships.  This can all be done by you making this special gift by July 1! 

Just the thought of having your gift of $21, $42 or $126 TRIPLED should have you donating IMMEDIATELY because you can’t miss this incredible chance to help a child. 

It’s important that we share with you a couple other reasons why camp is so important this year and how just 1 DAY at camp can change the direction and eternal life of a child attending camp. You’ll be shocked to know that more kids find themselves hopeless now than ever. They need generous people like you to help them. 

4 Reasons Why Camp is Vital this Year!

1)   Kids have been cooped up in their homes for 15 months. They now show signs of depression and anxiety. Camp is the perfect antidote!

 2)   Kids need to have time to see God’s beauty in nature. They need to be surrounded by the good things life has to offer

3)   Kids need to socialize with their friends, make new friends and be around loving counselors

4)   It has been proven over and over that 1 day at camp can profoundly impact the life of a child by experiencing God in this setting

 One day at camp CAN change everything for a child. You can be part of the next great story.

Now you can really see and feel how your support of just 1 day at camp can make a profound impact to a child who needs your love and support right now!

 Think of the one child out there who hasn’t had the chance to ever attend a camp and desperately needs this chance. You can be an answered prayer for that child. Plus, your gift will support all the work of ACF.

Would you give a gift before July 1 and have your gift TRIPLED? Not only will you send a kid to camp, but you’ll be part of a growing group of generous donors uniting around kids who need the love and hope of Jesus. And you’ll make sure ACF is on the best possible financial footing.

But it all starts with sending 1 kid to camp this summer!

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