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WHAT IS Noemi’s Closet?

Imagine a child sitting by themselves during a school activity. She is sad because her friends have been making fun of her dirty clothes. Now she feels lonely, isolated and not loved at all. She needs you to come to her RESCUE!  

Here is the GOOD NEWS! We are launching this program to help this child because it is the RIGHT THING TO DO.  The Bible clearly warns us that the enemy will prey on the child who becomes isolated from the world. This happens too often in our local communities.

1 Peter 5:8 says “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”

Imagine the local elementary school having a closet of coats, boots and other items at their disposal to give to at-risk children. I am sure you know of a child who could benefit from this new program. This program will also take the pressure off of our teachers and allow them to simply teach the children in their classrooms.

Noemi’s Closet will help local at-risk children with some of the humanitarian aid needed by these children. A new warm coat or fresh pair of winter boots just might be the hope a child needs to prevent them from getting isolated and lost. 

My sister is a teacher. She has told me numerous stories of how compassionate teachers like her go out of their way to provide these at-risk children with the essential items they need. Imagine the thoughts a child has showing up to school with an old ragged and stinky coat?

We believe God is finally opening up doors to make this a reality for local students and their families.

 Noemi was and still is a precious gem. She is treasured much like our other children and I am sure as you do your children and grandchildren. Now imagine how God sees these children. His love for them is even greater and wants the best for these children.

Quick Facts


Growing Local Need

The need to support local students is growing at an alarming rate. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need two-fold. Many students finds themselves without the essential supplies needed to attend school.

Action Needed

The time to act is now! The goal of Noemi’s Closet is to help teachers do their jobs better but having them be able to concentrate on the education of the students. Over the past few years teachers have found themselves caring for the physical and emotional needs of their students more and more. If ACF can help alleviate some that pressure we feel teachers will do the jobs they were trained for better.

The Remedy

ACF has to goal to place a closet of aid in a local church in communities throughout northern Illinois. Teachers can simply send an email or place a call to a local church and have the needed aid delivered to their classrooms. This immediate response to a child in need is important. Winter coats, boots, shoes, snow pants, gloves and scarves will be made available at these closet locations.

You can become a Voice Partner and a Voice for the Voiceless by simply abiding in the what the Lord calls us to do throughout the Bible. Your support will go a long way in encouraging children and staff members that God is real and very much alive! Your support is needed TODAY! Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. But the children your support will help need your help TODAY!

 To reach, teach, and transform the lives of orphaned and at-risk children.


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