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Noemi’s Closet-Project Respond

Oct 1, 2023

As Another Child Foundation (ACF) has matured over the years, we have seen an increased need in our local communities that we feel called to assist. ACF now has clothing closets in Illinois, Tennessee and Louisiana being used to hold such vital humanitarian aid items. These local facilities are called Noemi’s Closet’s. These local closet’s are named after Noemi Lenard who struggled for years to have the basic items needed to go to school and to fit into her group of friends.


The need to support local students is growing at an alarming rate. The 2020/21 pandemic has increased the need two-fold. Many students finds themselves without the essential supplies needed to attend school. Students and families also struggle for other basic needs.


The time to act is now! The goal of Noemi’s Closet is to help our local elementary teachers do their jobs better. Letting them able to concentrate on the education of the students. Over the past few years’ teachers have found themselves caring for the physical and emotional needs of their students more and more. If ACF can help alleviate some that pressure we feel teachers will do the jobs they were trained for better.


ACF has to goal to have a full closet of aid items where teachers can simply send an email or place a call to their local Noemi’s Closet and have the needed aid delivered to their classrooms. This immediate response to a child in need is important. Winter coats, boots, shoes, snow pants, gloves and scarves are made available at these closet locations.

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