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I believe I saw a child’s life changed today!

Apr 20, 2023

One of my favorite parts of leading this ministry is getting to share some amazing stories of transformation. Here is another wonderful story that comes from a recent mission trip participant who traveled with ACF to George, South Africa.

From our mission trip participants

John Diamond was one of the team members and he said this about the trip, “this trip opened my eyes wider to see that there are people in worse living conditions than me…I am truly blessed & don’t have anything to complain about.” John also told me during the trip that he was moved to his core knowing that God had a plan for these people and that if he could play a small role in the life of a child for a single day it was well worth it.

Gina said, “being part of something so fresh and amazing felt great. Spreading the love of Jesus everywhere we went by leaving seeds behind to be watered and nurtured. Hopefully when we go back we get to see the fruit.”

Three other members of the team echoed much the same sentiments as the others. Saying it was great to be part of a team spreading the word of God to warm and gracious people. They went on to say the passion the South Africans show for serving their own people and the love the kids showed to the team was reflective of the love that had been poured into their lives.

Overall, it was a fantastic trip that the entire team saw God working in some amazing ways. It was so successful that it appears a 2024 trip is going to be confirmed shortly. So pencil in the dates of February 22- March 1 if this trip interests you.

It is the constant and reliable support of the ACF donors that allows family’s to experience the love of God in such a powerful way.

I hope this story helps connect you with the work being done through this ministry via your generosity!

Once again I want to thank you for being the Voice for Voiceless children. I hope you keep investing into their lives as long as you can. You are such a blessing to them.

If you like to make the difference in the life of ‘another child’ you can do that by simply CLICKING THIS LINK.


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