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A Heart Warming 11 Days

Dec 8, 2022

One of my favorite parts of leading mission trips is seeing people discover their purpose for being on a trip. On this past trip it was seeing a good friend Avery Conley discover his purpose. And the most exciting part of his experience was that it happened so quickly.

Avery told me when he first signed up that he had a heart for kids and serving them was something he wanted to do. And he knew the moment we pulled into the drive of the Point of Hope school that he was exactly where God wanted him.

Avery was blown away by the dedication of the staff in Romania. He said, “Wow! What an amazing facility and the staff are so loving and caring. It seems it’s much more than a job to them.”

During his time at the center he met a young girl named Giulia. She captured his heart right away. I believe she was drawn to him because of his big smile and fun-loving nature. They were a good match. Near the end of the trip Avery told me he wanted to sponsor Giulia. He wanted to ensure that she remains in the school for the remainder on her school days. He believes the Point of Hope is where Giulia will continue moving closer to God as the Lord ministers to her through the staff.

Avery told me this as we spoke, “just seeing the smiles that being there, put on their faces, whether it was on the playground or in the classrooms. It was a truly heart-warming 11 days. It is the constant and reliable support of the ACF donors that allows our team members to experience the love of God in such a powerful way. I hope this story helps connect you with the work being done through this ministry via your generosity!

Once again I want to thank you for being the Voice for Voiceless children. I hope you keep investing into their lives as long as you can. You are such a blessing to them. Please take a look at the very short video below.

If you like to make the difference in the life of ‘another child’ by becoming a CHILD SPONSOR you can do that by simply CLICKING THIS LINK.

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