2022 Was a Great Year

Jan 11, 2023 | Faith Stories, Home Page, News

WE DID IT! I say we did it but it all starts with YOU! Because of your generosity we were able to overcome and celebrate some amazing accomplishments at the end of the year.

Because of YOU…the financial shortfall with the rising cost of sending all the vital humanitarian aid this year has been overcome. That financial obstacle is now behind us. THANK YOU!

Because of YOU…the first annual Gift Catalog was a HUGE SUCCESS! The items purchased will help compliment the ongoing programs in Romania, Guatemala and Honduras throughout the year.

Because of YOU…all the children at the Point of Hope received a beautifully wrapped Christmas present and families were given bags of groceries to help them celebrate Christmas in their homes.

Because of YOU…the homes of the children served at the Point of Hope will enjoy warmth in their home. Removing this worry from the minds of parents is a tremendous blessing


I hope that as you read through this list of tremendous accomplishments and impact you saw yourself in each of items listed. Please know that it is my intention to be the best steward I can be of every dollar entrusted to our care to serve these children.

It is because of your love, prayers, and support that all of these things have come to fruition. I want to give thanks to God for enabling Another Child (that’s you & me) to play a part in building His Kingdom here.

Happy New Year,
Tim Oloffson- Executive Director

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