14th year of Humanitarian Aid to Romania!!

Jun 28, 2023

For the 14th consecutive year, ACF has sent a shipping container full of vital humanitarian aid donated by generous donors to Romania.

This year’s shipment was highlighted by having 2500+ pairs of shoes and boots, 7500+ socks, 264 winter coats, 124 pieces of sports  equipment and many other pieces of aid to help our Romanian staff nurture our kiddos at the Point of Hope and throughout Romania.

We always like to emphasize that this aid is only a tool we use to get the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the hearts of these precious children. Serving people in this fashion is the example Jesus himself used to bring people into a genuine relationship with himself.

In all of my mission trip experiences over the years, there is no more powerful experience I’ve had than placing a new pair of shoes onto the feet of a child. There is just something special about a new pair of shoes. I always remember how much faster I was when I had a new pair of shoes. I know God uses these special moments to bring HOPE to a child.

In October, a mission team will be headed to Romania to deliver some of this aid to kids. We still have a few spots open on this team. If you’d like to learn more about this mission opportunity go to: www.anotherchildfoundation.org for more info.

Thanks again to all of you who either donated or prayed for this aid to be collected. Keep this aid in your prayers as it heads towards Romania.

We look for forward to offering another series of workshops this fall. If you’d like to sponsor on of these workshops feel free to contact me at [email protected] or call me at (815) 303-1725.

Tim Oloffson

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