Every year Another Child Foundation sends 50 children to camp. We are proud to announce we made our goal. We did it! We raised $10,000 in 3 weeks and are able to send 50 kids to camp this summer because of generous people like you. Thank you for investing in these precious childrens lives.

Do you remember your days at camp as a child? Full of learning, growing, fun, friendships and awesome memories.  It’s an amazing experience that each child will never forget. The children that attend our summer camp grow physically, mentally and emotionally, but also spiritually. Our summer camp addresses the whole child. We have caring adult role models who are compassionately committed to helping children know and grow in Christ Jesus.  As children leave the everyday distractions of life and enter the beauty of God’s creation, they’ll remember, or discover for the first time, the awe of gazing up at thousands of stars in the night sky, plus a myriad of other delights found in nature’s glory.

At our camp, each child will:

  • Know and grow in Christ,

  • Experience positive Christian role models,

  • Develop godly character and values,

  • Make new friends with shared foundational values,

  • Find more joys in nature than technology,

  • Build healthy bodies and

  • Have fun!

Thank you for changing children’s lives for Christ!