Our Mission Statement

Our specific Just Cause is to fight for the right of every voiceless child, born or unborn to have their own unique and God-given voice. We do this be helping people do missions better through diverse partnerships with like-minded people. ACF is looking for as many people as possible to join us in the Just Cause of being a Voice for the Voiceless child.

Our Vision Statement

It is our vision to develop a deep relationship with both the supporters and the receivers of this ministry’s work. It is ACF’s aim to find supporters who have the same values and goals it takes to solve the problem of social injustice in the world. ACF wants to engage supporters into mutually beneficial relationship. ACF’s ultimate goal is provide life-changing outcomes for both the supporter and the receiver.

Our Founders

Co-founders Tim Oloffson and John Frank Reeve have roots in the mission field going back to 2001 where they served together in Romania to establish a Christian based early childhood development program that focused on a child’s faith, education and personal development. Those roots in child development are now extended around the world as the ACF Mission Network continues the work God has entrusted to their care.

Our Executive Director & Staff

The Executive Director is also one of the ACF Co-founders Tim Oloffson.




Theresa Oloffson is the Office Manager at the ACF Mission office in Princeton, Illinois.




Our Board of Directors:


ACF Officers:

  •  John Frank Reeve- President
  •  Jared Oloffson- Vice-President
  •  David Shelton- Treasurer
  •  Jan Larson- Secreatary

ACF Board Members

  •  Jessica Huettel
  •  David Claggett
  •  Ryan Kepner
  •  Glen Whatley
  •  Scott Cramer
  •  Ovi Astalus
  •  Dacian Moldovan (non-voting member)

Mission Trips

Become a Voice Partner

Our Urgent Need


To reach, teach, and transform the lives of orphaned and at-risk children in Romania.


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