This Spring, we have the exciting opportunity to raise money to bless our dedicated teachers at the Point of Hope!  Here at Another Child Foundation we know that our teachers are the ones in the trenches of our Ministry.  They deliver the love of Jesus daily to the hurting children we serve.  When I visited the Point of Hope, my heart was so touched by the way the teachers truly love their students as if they were their own children.  A brief glance into their classrooms, and you might think that you were witnessing a mother with her children.  Because of the overbearing weight of poverty on mothers and fathers, most of our students receive more love and attention from their teachers than they do from their parents.   This is more than just a job for our teachers, and its apparent that they pour their hearts and souls into each child entrusted to their care.

Because ACF is a non-profit, it’s impossible to pay our teachers what they would be making if they worked at a public school.  Some of our wonderful teachers must get second jobs or have had to find higher paying jobs.  God has given us amazing teachers.  We want to make sure they feel appreciated and know how valuable they are to our Ministry, and we must equip them for God’s work at the Point of Hope!

With the money we raise this Spring, we will send our teachers on a staff retreat so they can be refreshed and renewed.  We will also send them to a weekend training session specifically for Christian teachers.  Also, four of our volunteers going on our June mission trip are teachers!  While they are in Romania, they are going to talk to our teachers and have a brainstorming session to find out what they need to fulfill the mission and offer them fresh ideas and special support.  I look forward to this exciting chance to surprise and bless them!

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