The 2019 Project Respond has begun!  Every year, hundreds of people from churches in the Princeton and Quad City area collect new shoes and various types of VITAL humanitarian aid for at-risk children in Romania. “Many of these Gypsy [Roma] kids are running around with shoes that don’t have tops or bottoms and flip flops if they’re lucky or even barefoot.  The ground is just riddled with trash, glass, and rocks.  It’s almost impossible to survive without a good pair of shoes.  Another Child Foundation collects shoes and gives them to these kids.  So once a year they get one brand new pair of shoes so they can actually survive in this town where there are very little paved roads or sidewalks.  It’s a ministry that is desperately needed.”      -Mark Trekell, missions trip participant from Houston, Texas

As our church partnerships grow, we’re exceedingly blessed by the generosity and love poured out by our supporters to the children we serve.  We’re so excited for what God has in store for 2019 as we continue to reach, teach, and transform lives! Special Reminder for ACF Superfans As the Winter season comes to an end, coats will be on clearance for anyone who would like to buy and donate new coats!  Thanks in advance for your kindness!

To get more details and information about our 2019 Project Respond aid drive click the banner below. 


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