One of the best things about being involved in a ministry is the new relationships we make with people. This past Wednesday we were invited to Bethesda Lutheran Church in Morrison, Illinois for a luncheon and a gift of quilts made by the wonderful ladies sewing group at this church.

I was told to bring my SUV because they had quite a few quilts to donate to our kids and families in Romania. I have packed many shoes, blankets and other humanitarian aid items into my care over the years but I decided to listen to the advice and drove our larger vehicle to their church. I had no idea that my car could barley hold the absolutely beautiful 50 quilts. While not a quilt expert these quilts seemed large. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch with the ladies as I shared with them the ministry work being done at the Point of Hope Development Center in Tarneveni, Romania.

So 17 large banana boxes later the 50 large beautiful quilts are ready to be shipped to Romania. I can;t wait to see the eyes of the families who will receive these wonderful gifts. I can;t begin to tell you how grateful we are for those wonderful ladies at Bethesda Lutheran Church in Morrison for the love, passion and generosity to help people they will probably never meet. May God continue to bless their wonderful ministry!


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