Another Child Foundation is excited to announce a campaign to get our supporters involved in reaching, teaching, and transforming the lives of orphans and at-risk children. The 12 for 12 Monthly Giving Program is designed to help our supporters get involved by committing a reasonable amount of financial resources. Each of the $12 donated monthly will help transform a life by supplying clean water, speech therapy, Christian education, food, medical attention and other items. However, it is God’s LOVE and HOPE given by the schools staff on a daily basis that truly transforms their lives.

Example of how a life can be transformed can be told through many of the children attending the Point of Hope Development Center in Tarneveni, Romania. However, it is through the actions of the children attending the Point of Hope where we see the most gratifying transformation happening. What we see happening is God using the children attending the Point of Hope to transform the lives of the other members of their family. The daily disciplines of prayer, hygiene, importance of education, and love have changed these children. With these changes instilled into their lives they now take these disciplines back to their homes where the family sees a new hope that was absent before.

As much as Another Child Foundation would like to see immediate tangible results we realize that this type of long-lasting transformation does not happen over-night. Please join our efforts in alleviating this type of poverty in the world! Your $12 will change the world!

ACF is also introducing an “EASY PAY” program to provide our supporters with the convenience of an automatic withdrawal from their debit or credit card. To participate in the $12 for 12 campaign it is suggested that the supporter use the “EASY PAY” program.


Here’s how it works

  • You can simply fill out the $12 for 12 Monthly Giving Program e-form on this page
  • Once we receive the completed form you will receive an email from us describing the next steps
  • Pray for the ministry


To reach, teach, and transform the lives of orphaned and at-risk children in Romania.


© 2016 Another Child Foundation




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