Birthdate: November 11, 2011

Grade: First Grade

Likes to play soccer with his friends

Alexandru’s Bio:

Alexander is a student in the first grade, he is very energetic and does not have the patience to stay too long in one place, but he fulfills the work tasks that he receives in class. He writes carefully and well. He likes to play football.

Background/Family situation: Alexander lives with his parents, has a brother and a younger sister. The father works as a day laborer and the mother is a housewife, they have their own home but have very few material possessions. They are praying for someone to come alond side of Alexandru and provide prayer and financial support for his schooling.


  • Alexandru the opportunity to attend school

  • Receive daily attention from a loving staff

  • A Christian based education

  • Food, clothes and regular hot showers

  • Love & Hope

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