Birthdate: December 2, 2015

Grade: Preschool

Likes to listen to stories

Beatrice’s Bio:

Beatrice is a talkative little girl, has a good memory, easily retains the story told to the group, reproduces them at home, is friendly and understanding.

Background/Family situation: Beatrice lives with her parents and maternal grandparents. The mother is a housewife and the father recently got employment as a bartender in the neighborhood. The material situation of the family is precarious, they do not have their own home, they live with their maternal grandparents in two rooms, they have electricity but heat by wood and the water is supplied from the district pump.


  • Beatrice the opportunity to attend school
  • Receive daily attention from a loving staff
  • A Christian based education
  • Food, clothes and regular hot showers
  • Love & Hope

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