Birthdate: June 29, 2014

Grade: Preschool

Likes to play with the cars at school

Petre’s Bio:

Petre is a talkative, sociable and curious child. He likes to know everyone likes to learn new things. It colors beautifully, it really likes to play with cars. We believe the Point of Hope Center is a great place for him to thrive!

Background/Family situation: Petre lives with his mother and grandparents. The mother is separated from the child’s father since he was born. He visits them but rarely. The little boy feels the lack of a father figure and wants to come to his father more often to visit him, talk to him and play together. They have two rooms in which they live, in winter they are heated with wood. The mom doesn’t work because she has a health problem (schizophrenia) that does not allow her to work. She has a little financial help from the state.


  • Petre the opportunity to attend school
  • Receive daily attention from a loving staff
  • A Christian based education
  • Food, clothes and regular hot showers
  • Love & Hope

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