Many of us have meaningful, lifelong memories from going to camp as a kid.  Church camp helped form many dedicated, passionate Christians into who we are today.  The children we minister to because of our awesome donors will be making many different memories this summer, and we are so thankful for the chance to give them memories of having fun in a beautiful place and learning about the things of God.  Here are 8 reasons why Summer camp plays such an important role in our Ministry.

  1. Time to get away- At camp kids get out of their normal routines and can get away from distractions and the chaos of life. They get to take advantage of the retreat aspect of camp. Sometimes when kids are away, they just tend to hear things in a new way.  Camp allows them to just have fun with new friends and to focus on God.
  2. Bible Time- Most importantly kids get to saturate their minds and hearts with God’s word. Most young people come back from camp on a “spiritual high”, because they have tasted the greatness of God and His word.  Spending hours every day studying His word, hearing Bible lessons, and singing praises to God will do that to you!  Since their homes are a very different and a far less spiritual environment, we pray that their relationship with God will continue to grow and thrive throughout their lives.  This time away from mom and dad also allows the children to form their own identity with Christ and to develop their own faith.
  3. Nature- Spending time in God’s creation is another inspiring part of camp. There is nothing like being in the woods away from the sounds of the city, listening to the birds and the bugs in the trees, and breathing the fresh air.  Nature helps us all better appreciate our Creator!
  4. Unique opportunities and experiences- Kids can do things at camp that they just can’t do at home. It isn’t often that you can get away with smearing shaving cream on adults or smashing water balloons on strangers, but camp is the place where these things are normal and acceptable. Because of these unique opportunities, you can break down barriers in relationships with kids in our ministry.
  5. Develop healthy Christian relationships- Campers are surrounded by some of the most caring, loving Christian people for an entire week. Their smiles and loving attitudes are sure to rub off on the children by the end of the week.  The kids will have many opportunities to spend quality time with their passionate leaders and other kids.  They can visit over meals, walk and talk around the beautiful mountain camp, and have meaningful late-night conversations.
  6. Leave their comfort zones- Sleeping in a bunk room and many other aspects of camp push kids out of their comfort zones and teach them new things about themselves and life. This brings healthy growth for kids and can lead to great ministry opportunities.
  7. Learn spiritual truths- In the week of camp, kids will learn a lot from their leaders.  They are learning and forming associations with spiritual truths even when they aren’t in a “teaching time.” They’ll learn by what leaders say, the attitudes they display, and by the way they model their own spiritual lives in front of them.
  8. The campfires- Everyone loves a good campfire, and who doesn’t love s’mores? At camp, the fires are extra special.  Whether they are filled with silly camp songs and lots of laughs or it’s a more serious night reflecting on God’s presence or someone’s powerful testimony, a campfire is always the best way to end the day at camp.

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