We are excited to be able to offer diverse mission trip opportunities around the world to be the Voice of the Voiceless Children. These unique mission trip opportunities give people the chance to serve some of God’s children around the world but to also see the world as Jesus sees the world.

One of the exciting challenges of the network will be discovering the passions of the people who become members of this network of believers. Many times we find ourselves confused or concerned about the work we are doing in the mission field. We ask ourselves questions like…”am I making a difference?” or “where does God want me to focus my talents and passions?” So, we INVITE you to simply register to get your PERSONALIZED MISSION ACTION PLAN. Once you do this you will receive an email where you can share with us your different interests.

2021 Opportunities to Serve
Honduras – January 2021 – 15 spots available
Guatemala – June 2-12th – 24 spots available
Romania – July 7-18th – 18 spots available
Chicago Dream Center – July 2021 – 20 spots available
South Africa – Aug. 26th-Sept. 5th – 15 spots available
Romania – October 14-24th – 18 spots available
Chicago – December 2021 – 20 spots available
Romania – December 2021 – 12 spots available

Please let us know what we can do to help you get ready for your opportunity to serve. Please visit our website to know more details about each trip. You can register at https://anotherchildfoundation.org/our-st-mission-trips/