Yoselin says, “Jesus has changed my life!”

Jan 17, 2023

One of my favorite parts of leading this ministry is getting to share some amazing stories of transformation. Here is another wonderful story that developed over the Christmas season.

Her name is Yoselin Caceres. She attends the Whatley- Point of Hope Center in Olanchito, Honduras and has just completed the 6th grade.

Yoselin loves celebrating Christmas and at this year’s event she made a personal commitment to her spiritual walk with Jesus and her dedication to her personal self-improvement.

Her school performance are now remarkable. Coming from an atmosphere of extreme disadvantage she has overcome her circumstances with grades near perfect.

Yoselin also determined at the 2022 Christmas party she wanted to continue moving ahead and to finish the high school and then onto the local university.

She says, “Jesus has changed my life”. The staff at the Point of Hope, has supported me along the friendship of ACF donors. Now I can see the future with hope. Dedicate all my life to serve others just as I was served in this place.  I pray the Lord to continue providing me, the faith that need to live as a faithful Christian.”

Yoselin came to the Point of Hope, with a very low self-esteem and psychological problems. These issues challenged our teacher and psychologist to invest more time and dedication to her. The changes came little by little until she was set free.

It’s obvious the Word of God, prayers, counseling and the work of the Holy Spirit, did the work. After 6 months, she became able to share with her friends and staff her life history, problems, lack of resources, lack of parental help and above all lack of love.

Thanks! To you all who had supported this project in which my life has been changed. Thanks! ACF, without your help, I would never be what I’m now.

It is the constant and reliable support of the ACF donors that allows children like Yoselin to experience the love of God in such a powerful way.

I hope this story helps connect you with the work being done through this ministry via your generosity!

Once again I want to thank you for being the Voice for Voiceless children. I hope you keep investing into their lives as long as you can. You are such a blessing to them.

If you like to make the difference in the life of ‘another child’ you can do that by simply CLICKING THIS LINK.

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