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Sending A Card or Letter to Your Child

We encourage each of our sponsors to take the time to send a card or letter to their child on special occasions like their birthday or holidays. A quote by Mother Teresa say’s it quite nicely when she stated…

“It is not the magnitude of our actions, but the amount of love that is put into them that matters”

            A nice card with a picture and some loving comments will go a long way into changing the perspective of the child as they realize someone from across the globe is thinking and praying for them on a regular basis. One of the most powerful opportunities to share the Good News of the Gospel to a child is when they realize the distance in which people will travel or send mail to them. Their hearts are open for seeds to be planted during these times.

            It is appropriate to share family information, but do not make any promises to the child. These children whom have had plenty of promises made to them that go unfulfilled and they will remember these promises and expect everything promised. These children have been disappointed enough in their lives; I am sure we don’t want to continue that cycle of mistrust.

            If you choose to write please use the following Romanian address for your correspondence and include the name of the child on the outside of the envelope away from the address.

Fundatia Buckner

Street Avram Iancu No 160


Mures County, Romania

            Once again we are thankful for people like you who give from their hearts to bring HOPE to children whom desperately need a helping hand.

Sponsoring a child has been one of our family’s greatest joys. Florin has been part of our family prayers since we chose him. We keep all of his pictures on our refrigerator. Florin is part of our family!
Tim & Theresa Oloffson

Child Sponsorship Sets ACF Apart

I cannot tell you how excited the boys were when they saw a photo of our sponsored child, Razvan Tincus holding the card we sent him!  They said, “He is a REAL boy, isn’t he?”  and that is what sets ACF apart.

Jill Pratt

Another Child Foundation

Jill Pratt

I cannot tell you how excited the boys were when they saw a photo of our sponsored child, Razvan Tincus holding the card we sent him!  They said, “He is a REAL boy, isn’t he?”  and that is what sets ACF apart.
Another Child Foundation




Why sponsor a child through Another Child Foundation?

ACF has been working tirelessly along side of Fundatia Buckner since 1996 to reach, teach and transform the lives of children and families who have very little hope otherwise. Through daily relationships being built at the Point of Hope Development Center , it is clear that we are committed to serving in a way that grows and sustains by not only providing education and assistance, but also by teaching skills that will allow those we work withto go forth and change their futures for themselves and their families. We are working to end the cycle of poverty and to strenghten the family unit.

How does my sponsorship work?

The gift you decide to give will immediately start enhancing the child’s life. Items like food. clothing, shoes, clean drinking water, warm showers, and access to a good Christian based education will be purchased with your support. The staff will work alongside of the families, if available, and medical professionals to develop a life plan for the child.

Will I get to know my sponsored child?

Yes! Through the Welcome kit and regular updates you will see your child grow in God’s love. You also have the opportunity to correspond with your sponsored child through letter and cards. We encourage all of our sponsors to send mail to their child.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child through Another Child Foundation?

As little as $25 a month will make a difference. The average costs of supporting a child in our programs is $200 a month which provides all of the educational, medical, and physical needs the child has.

Do I get to choose my sponsored child?

You can pick a child by clicking on the picture of a child above and following the directions or by calling the ACF mission office at 815.303.1725


To reach, teach, and transform the lives of orphaned and at-risk children in Romania.


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