Workshop for Parents Help at Point of Hope Center in Romania

Aug 29, 2023

On May 30th over 100 parents of children who attend the Point of Hope school in Tarneveni, Romania, crammed into a cafeteria area of the day center for the first of 3 weekly workshops designed to help these parents understand the value of education and to be able to encourage their children to strive for a higher level of education.

Parents in these under-served communities are frequently not educated themselves, and don’t have the skills necessary to help their kids with homework. Often they simply don’t know how to encourage their child to do their best in school.

However, the workshop training provided the parent the ability to see the value of their involvement in their child’s educational development.

This workshop training provided the parent with the exact info they need in order to encourage and help their child’s passion for school, to encourage their child to do their homework to the best of their ability each night, and to check in with their child to ensure they are getting their homework done and have everything they need to do a great job in school.

Workshop 1 was designed to help mothers understand their role in the household, starting with being the caretaker, the disciplinarian, and an especially loving parent.

Workshop 2 helps the parents understand a child’s physical, emotional and spiritual development process, and they learned how their child develops harmoniously at each stage of their development through play, music and other activities with other children.

Workshop 3 taught the value of self-care for the parents. They learned they can’t serve from an empty cup. They learned they need to continually renew their minds, bodies and souls from a spiritual viewpoint and to fulfill their God-given purpose.

Overall, these workshops were a fantastic experience, one we hope to offer in the years to come. The staff in Romania wanted to thank YOU, the donor, who make all these extra activities happen.

We would love to host another series of these workshops in the fall. If you’d like to help finance a workshop please contact me at [email protected] or call me at (815) 303-1725.

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