Several short-term mission trip opportunities are available to Christians today.  We live in very exciting times, because the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ is being sent out to every corner of the world!  ACF is thrilled to be a part of God’s global Ministry!

If you’re considering volunteering on one of our trips but are still a little unsure, continue reading, because we have some information that can help you confidently decide to come serve in Romania with us.

ACF has been serving in the beautiful country of Romania for 12 years,  We have extensive experience organizing safe, historically rich, life changing trips that wisely utilize every precious minute we have there.  While teams travel to their service destinations and recoup from their flight, they may tour castles or other historic and unique sites within the mountainous country.  Traveling through the scenic villages will give you a glimpse into Bible times as you drive by shepherds tending their flock in a field.  The stunning architecture in the cities is a mix of many European influences so you’ll feel like you’re visiting many different countries at once.

During this chance of a lifetime, you will have the opportunity to truly “serve the least of these,”(Matthew 24:40).  According to the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, the Roma children (Gypsies) that we have the honor to minister to are the “poorest, least healthy, least educated and most discriminated sector of…society.”  Your heart will be blessed as you care for them and have the chance to show them the love of Jesus.  You will get to spend time with them at camp, VBS, or be able to put new shoes on their precious feet, depending on the trip you decide to take.  While serving, you’ll be accompanied by translators who will be passionately serving alongside you and will happily answer any questions you may have.

Maybe you’re passionate about ministering to children but don’t feeling qualified to go.  That’s how Judy Dunn felt before she said yes to God calling her to Romania.  Here’s her short testimony, “I kept thinking there isn’t anything that I can do.  I don’t sing…I don’t play an instrument, and I’m not a preacher.  I found out that yes we can read a Bible story and can just love on those kids.  It was just amazing!  When you’re helping somebody else out, it’s the best!  You don’t have to have your degree in theology…or music.  You just have to be who God wants you to be!  I would encourage anybody just open your heart and say ‘God I’m willing’, and He’ll show you what to do!”

Every year, we prayerfully customize our trips to minister to our children’s needs as they continue to grow and develop, so every trip is unique!  If you’re interested in more information about our 2019 missions, follow the link below.  Don’t wait, because our three trips are filling up fast!

“I was thinking how in the world can I make any difference when there is so much need.  I felt like God told me that I needed to do what I was called to do and let Him worry about the results and let Him worry about the ocean.  I just needed to make the drops.”ACF President, John Frank Reeve


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