Why I Love My Job!

Aug 4, 2020 | Faith Stories, Home Page

Today started as most days do. Up early, shower and other hygiene activities and then quickly off to the ACF Mission office. For some reason I don’t like to dilly-dally around the house when there are things that need to be done at the office.

But at noon today I realize just how much I LOVE the job that God has given me the privilege to do each any every day. I am not sure what came over me but knew I just had to share with you how blessed I am to be serving the Lord and the children He has given to us to care for.

As I reflect on this day and what made it special I guess it is because of the diversity of what the day brought. It started out with the task of entering some of the nearly 300 donations we get at the start of each month from generous people like you. These monthly gifts never cease to amaze me. The generosity of the ACF supporter is unique in the non-profit industry. I then moved onto thanking people for their “My Inspired Gifts” that people gave to us as we start building our Emergency Fund to better serve the children God has blessed us with.

Next I found myself writing the script for our next Mission Moments video. This script recapped some of the mission activities our donors supported over the past few months and announcing the release of the 2021 Mission trip schedule in September. Then the day kicked into ‘high gear’ as I see the UPS guy pull up to the office and wave me down to help him unload. Today we received 14 boxes and 8 envelopes from Amazon. These were items that were donated to our kids in Romania during our Amazon Prime Shopping Weekend! I was once again overwhelmed by the extreme generosity of the people I have grown to love over the years.

Some were people who have supported for a long while and others were new people who have heard from people like you sharing with the world how ACF is impacting the world for the better. At this moment I even have to bite my lip as to what else ACF has coming in the near future. We are so excited and can’t wait to share with you all.

Finally, I found myself in our storage unit which holds all of the aid donated. I took a good look at everything in the unit and was so excited to think about all of the children who are going to be given HOPE in the form of a pair of shoes, a blanket, a backpack filled with school supplies or other piece of aid. My thoughts then went to how much the ministry is transforming and how our donors are grasping this idea of looking after ALL of God’s children.

I am so blessed to be given this opportunity. I pray you will stick with us as we continue to seek the plans God has for ACF.

written Tim Oloffson – ACF Co-Founder and Executive Director

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