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Another Child Foundation is committed to helping Buckner Romania serve the children and families of vulnerable children in Romania. The process of reaching, teaching, and transforming the lives of young children and their families is what we are called to do in the Great Commission. Matthew 28:19 tells us to “go therefore, making disciples of all nations…” Another Child Foundation has taken the stand of being an organization which reaches people where they are and teaches them the Biblical truths. It is then when the transformational work can be done. The country of Romania is a beautiful country but has many cultural issues that need to be addressed by their people. For more information on Romania click here.

The Point of Hope Development Center is the prized jewel of the programs Another Child Foundation supports in Romania. The pre-school and after-school programs in this school offer Hope to over 140 children on a daily basis. Opened in the fall of 2007 the Point of Hope Development Center is also in transition. Originally called the Children’s Development Center (CDC) the programs offered in the school are quickly becoming centered on the family. Keeping the family structure together in this community is vital to the long-term success of the ministry’s goal of alleviating poverty for those who desire to overcome the odds.

ACF and Buckner Romania also partner on Social Ministry projects which reach even more people on a regular basis. The largest outreach is to our Perform and Motivate program for youth in the care of Children’s Protective Services in Romania. To this date the program has 27 beneficiaries throughout Mureș County, 20 of these being from the Child protective system. At a deeper look, the objective of the project is to encourage youth who have plans and dreams for their future, and who work hard to achieve those. Thus they receive a monthly grant to use for improving their education, or to attain new qualifications, to perfect their skills or to follow their hobbies or passions. ACF also mentors at-risk youth with our Vacation Bible School camp in the mountains of Romania each summer. This 6 day adventure takes the kids, who range from 5 to 20, to a place where relationships can be built in a comfortable and relaxed location

ACF and Buckner Romania also tend to the needs of children who are placed in a children’s Emergency Center in Targu-Mures. Children of all ages can be temporarily placed into this emergency shelter. Buckner Romania volunteers visit this shelter on a regular basis to meet whatever needs these children might have. Being able to reach more and more people who fall into a place where they have no place to turn is a great part of the Social Ministry.


To reach, teach, and transform the lives of orphaned and at-risk children in Romania.


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