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The Point of Hope Development Center sits in a Roma community on the outskirts of Tarnaveni, Romania. This little community could easily be forgotten as generational prejudices keep the people from receiving proper housing, access to medical care and needed employment. Here the center has grown slowly, room by room as space has been renovated since 2007 with the intention of reaching as many children as possible. Through the years, we have seen many children from the Roma community join our programs. We serve children from three years of age through 8th grade. Without the early intervention of our preschool program, many of these children would not be able to compete in the Romanian schools and would drop out continuing the cycle of poverty. Our programs continue to grow as we follow our students through their educational career to offer support and encourage continued growth, as well as vocational training. Many of these children live in Soviet era apartment buildings (rented from the government) and homes surrounding the Point of Hope that have limited electricity, no running water and are open to the elements. The Point of Hope is not only an educational center, but also serves as the hub of the community. The Point of Hope serves these children and families on a daily basis with the reminder that they have not been forgotten, that they have value and purpose. It has been our joy to be a part of the transformation of this community. Our journey is a slow one as it spans a lifetime and is full of hope for this generation and all those that follow. Please take a few minutes to watch the Virtual Tour of the Point of Hope Development Center to get an inside look and to learn more about our programs and outreach.


To reach, teach, and transform the lives of orphaned and at-risk children in Romania.


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