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Mar 25, 2022

There are a staggering number of orphaned and abandoned children in Guatemala. Since the Vida Children’s Home received official approval last summer, God has been sending us precious, sweet little ones. Each one has a heart-breaking and unbelievable story. Each one has experienced trauma at such a young age.
The stories that brought them here are all different. They include the ugliness of mental illness, rape, poverty and abandonment. But each child is beautiful, and each is so loved! Some only need our sanctuary for a short time; others will grow up as part of the Vida Children’s Home family.
As part of the ministry of Impact Ministries in the highlands of northern Guatemala, the Vida Children’s Home has become a place of refuge, where love and hope is offered. Will you take up the cause of the orphaned and abandoned children of Guatemala?
To support the ongoing work being done at the Vida Children’s Home in Tactic, Guatemala, all you have to do is click HERE.

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