We are proud to announce the partnership with Impact Ministries to help serve the children of Guatemala. There are a staggering number of orphaned and abandoned children in Guatemala. Each child has their own unique heartbreaking story. Vida’s Children’s Home has become a safe refuge, where Love and hope is offered. We are looking for Orphan Care Champions, like you, to partner with us to help in the care of these children, so they can call Vida Children’s Home, their home.  

Sadly, children without supportive and loving fathers these children have difficulty understanding the boundless love and care their Heavenly Father holds for His children. How are you taking responsibility for these fatherless children? How can you show a child the fierce love their Heavenly Father has for them?

God takes special notice of the fatherless. He doesn’t overlook their cries. He hears orphans and defends them. Let’s Reach out to the children of the fatherless and show them the way to relationship with their true Father.

If and when you are ready to commit, you will be showing God’s love to the fatherless and changing their lives forever! You can become a Voice Partner and a Voice for the Voiceless by simply abiding in the what the Lord calls us to do throughout the Bible. Your support will go a long way in encouraging children and staff members that God is real and very much alive! Your support is needed TODAY! Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. But the children your support will help need your help TODAY!  Please visit our website to make a donation and to learn more about the Vida Children’s Home at https://anotherchildfoundation.org/vida-home-guatemala/.

A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling. — Psalm 68:5