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June 16- 24, 2023 Mission to Romania

We are now accepting applications for our June 16- 24, 2023 mission trip to serve orphans and at-risk children in the beautiful country of Romania.  

This team will be serving children in the Point of Hope Development Center (POH) in Tarneveni, Romania. The Point of Hope is a center where 150 children get life-changing ministry. The POH has been part of our program since 2007.

The team will also be helping with some simple clean-up and construction projects around the POH. The center will need a bit of touch-up work after a long year of school.

Finally the team will be doing a couple community outreach projects into the community surrounding the POH school. The community has embraced the Point of Hope as a true light in this community.

We believe that the Bible is clear that God expects us to take care of the poor, needy, widows and the strangers in our land (Isaiah 58).


6 Reasons to Go on a Mission Trip



YOUR TRIP LEADERS: Jessica Huettel & John Frank Reeve


Tim is the co-founder and Executive Director of Another Child Foundation. He started as our Executive Director in 2010. Tim is married to Theresa and lives in Wyanet, Illinois. Tim & Theresa have 2 children (Jared & Brittany) who both have traveled with ACF to Romania number of times. Tim has lead nearly 30 mission teams around the world over the years. Tim believes that the international mission trip can sometimes be a catalyst in a persons spiritual life. He believes these trips are much like going to the eye doctor. These trips can open your eyes in new ways and you see the world more clearly. You will see the world as Jesus sees the world.


The team will be staying at the Harghita Camp’s housing center at the camp. 2-3 people per room with bathroom & shower in each room. The team will stay in US styled hotels while traveling. Previous team members are always pleased with the accommodations, as well as the food they are provided during your stay in Romania.


Romanian culture sets itself apart from others in the Eastern Europe. For example, the legend of Dracula and the Dacian history are unique to Romania. Roma, or Gypsies, are regarded as outsiders and generally live separate from the rest of the population on the outskirts of urban areas. They, too, dress in more traditional and colorful garb.


The weather in Romania is very much like the weather in the mid-west part of the US. Warm days are typical in the summer but cool evenings are a nice benefit at the end of a great day of ministry. At camp t-shirts and shorts are the norm during the day and maybe a light jacket at night.


While traveling to Romania, we want to give you some helpful tips to prepare you for your trip. You will need European adapters for your electrical devices, a passport is needed and you will love the food. Fresh food and non-processed protein are on every menu.

Tentative Itinerary (details subject to change)


Day 1 - 2

Travel, sightseeing and orientation days

Days 3-7

The team will be performing the VBS they have been preparing to the preschool children, various projects around the Point of Hope and community outreach.

Day 8-9

Sightseeing and travel home


To reach, teach, and transform the lives of orphaned and at-risk children.

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