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Jun 14, 2023

I am excited to share with you a new and exciting scholarship program. Project Go is designed to help young people get involved in missions more easily. The goal is to grant two young missionaries $1500 scholarships to serve with Another Child in 2024. However, we need your help. and would love you to get in on the ground floor as we kick-off this new & exciting project.

Donate to Project Go today and receive a FREE t-shirt! 100% of all donations to Project Go will be used to fund the scholarships.

You can support and order these t-shirts online at ACF continues to stand apart from other ministries because of our single-mindedness on deeply rooted relationships.  Your support today will not only help a young missionary but also help change the lives of many children needing to know God’s love.

The longer I lead this effort to reach missionaries and children with the true redeeming Gospel of Jesus Christ, I realize how small an effect I have and how large an impact you are having on their precious lives!

This ministry is an extension of YOUR heart towards kids.  ACF does not exist without your generosity and the generosity of others.  I believe this is a major reason why you and many other supporters continue to see this as a worthy place to give back some of the resources God has blessed you with to live a life of generosity and sacrifice.

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