She’s GONE! No trace of her anywhere. A deleted Facebook profile. No return emails or even sightings by her friends. I think she is GONE! Please Lord, let this not be true. She became isolated and is now gone! This is actually a real story of a young girl ACF met who was only eleven, named Noemi. Noemi thought of us as her family. And now appears to be GONE! Our hearts break thinking of her walking the streets alone! What would cause a young girl to simply disappear? Is it by choice or is it loneliness and a feeling or worthlessness? We pray regularly that she has simply made the choice to leave the area or just to live out of the public eye. However, something tells us that it might be even worse. One thing is known for sure! She always felt lost and had no value or purpose in life. How many other children walk among us feeling the same way? We can’t afford to lose any more of our precious children.

Her name now is attached to a new outreach being launched. Noemi’s Closet will help local at-risk children with some of the humanitarian aid needed by these children. A new warm coat or fresh pair of winter boots just might be the hope a child needs to prevent them from getting isolated and lost. Imagine the local elementary schools having a closet of coats, boots and other items at their disposal to give to at-risk children. I am sure you know of a child who could benefit from this new program. This program will also take the pressure off of our teachers and allow them to simply teach the children in their classrooms.

We believe that God is finally opening a door to make this happen but your help is needed! Providing a monetary gift will allow teachers to minister to children in a compassionate and effective way. Can you help TODAY? The goal is to launch this program to seven elementary schools in 2020.

Please visit to make a donation towards our local ministry-Noemi’s Closet.