While our wonderful Preschool teacher Laura is on maternity leave, the Point of Hope will be welcoming Stefana Maria Oltean as her temporary replacement.  Stefana has volunteered with us for a little over  year and has already built relationships with many of our kids.  She connects very easily with them because of her sweet and calming spirit and has a very passionate heart for children. Here’s a little about her anticipation for the school year and her experience so far at the Point of Hope from her own words.

“I chose a career in teaching because I believe that education is very important starting from a very early age. I believe that I can contribute in educating and in helping develop a harmonious and balanced personality in children.  I also believe that I have new things to learn from those I teach, so by teaching I myself have the opportunity to grow.

“I started volunteering with Buckner in the summer of 2017. This experience taught me how to interact with children of various ages, coming from different backgrounds and having various interests. As I was able to better get to know their life and background, I believe I became more understanding and less self-centered. I am also more open to new challenges. As a volunteer, I met new people, I became more outgoing, and I learned to cooperate and to be a team player.

Working at Buckner, I hope I will be able to make my mark on the education and personality development of the children. I want to help them develop in every way possible and I want to offer them the tools to help them integrate successfully in the society. If I will be able to do these things I believe that I have fulfilled my purpose, and I will have the satisfaction of a job well done.

Considering that I have worked with Buckner as a volunteer and I got to know the children a little bit, I am not so nervous anymore about the novelty of the job and I know I will be able to interact with them well. I am also excited to start working with them, and I am curious to see how I will do working with children on a daily basis and for a longer period of time.”

Please keep Stefana in your prayers as she begins this journey with our precious children at the Point of Hope!

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