This year people all over America painted squares as part of ACF’s “Do Something Beautiful” events.  Each square was part of a much larger mural that was to be hung at Point of Hope.  Only one person knew what the final mural would look like.  The individual squares had lines on them and a key to tell you what colors to use to paint it.  Each person was able to color it any way they wanted.  The result was 108 unique squares!  Two members of our June 11th mission trip carried the squares with them.  Gabi was so excited to put the puzzle together that she couldn’t wait and we had to lay out the mural on the floor.  The final piece was amazing!  We were awed at how all those unique squares came together to form such a beautiful picture!!  Now to just find a wall big enough to hang it, and figure out how to get it up there!!

It took some hard thinking, but Mr. Libero, director of Point of Hope, figured out the best way to hang it.  He recruited a friend of his to help and together they worked on hanging this masterpiece.  Since the only wall big enough was located on the stairs, they first had to figure out how to hang everything safely.  They brought in cinderblocks to place on certain stairs to make a large enough surface for the ladder to stand.  Then they screwed in particle board to the wall to create a surface strong enough to hold the squares.  Finally, they carefully glued the back of each square and placed it on the wall.  It took them two days to put up, but the end result is beautiful!

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