Martina Csiki

Birthdate: August 1, 2009

Grade: 1st grade

Likes to eat sweets & desserts


Martina’s Bio:

Martina started attending the Point of Hope After school program in the fall of 2018. She loves spending time and playing with her classmates. She doesn’t have much patience working on her assignments which is why she often falls behind with her work and has to work twice as hard and long in order to catch up.

Background/Family situation: Martina lives with her parents and her older brother. Her father works in construction while her mother travels to Germany seasonally in order to work in agriculture. While the parents are away for work the children stay with their grandparents. The family of 4 lives in a one room home which they rent from the local authorities.


  • Martina the opportunity to attend school
  • Receive daily attention from a loving staff
  • A Christian based education
  • Food, clothes and regular hot showers
  • Love & Hope

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