Raising up a child, WOW!  What does that mean or even look like?  Maybe you’ve raised your children.   Maybe you’re still in the thick of it all Maybe you’ve helped a family member, neighbor, or friend with their kids? Maybe your ACF children ARE your children?

At ACF, raising up kids in the way they should go is a passion that has been granted to us by our amazing Father!  We know it takes time, time in the trenches.  It’s hard work.  It’s slow work.  It’s sometimes painful work.  But we all know there is nothing more precious than to see a child grow in God’s love and to become the adult that God has called them to be!  We ARE making disciples who love God with all their heart, soul, and mind who will grow up to be adults who love Jesus!  That’s what we are committed to together with you! We always say we’d love to see who and what our kids will be in 10 years.  We caught a glimpse of what that may look like when Lucian from Romania was here this past Fall.  Many of you were able to attend our Reach Event and hear his story.  For those who couldn’t or for a recap of his amazing story here it is in a nutshell.

Luci was raised as an orphan during the worst time that there was to be an orphan in Romania.  Not that there’s ever a good time to be an orphan, but this particular time in Romania’s history was at its worst.  He was unwanted by both his mother and father due to his mother’s infidelity.  So, he was taken to the orphanage at the age of 2 ½ where he was left.  He thought at first that his mother left him to play with other kids.  After she did not return, he realized at his tender little age that she was not ever coming back.  When he was 5 years old, he tried to commit suicide, because he had no hope in his life.  He felt unloved, unwanted, and voiceless.  At the age of 10 he was rescued by a man that took him into a group home with other male orphans where they were taught about Jesus and shown that they had worth, a voice, and that God had a plan for their life.  Luci says it was a place that was very much like the Point of Hope Development Center.  He was able to go to college and now works for Fundatia Buckner running the food program and working with our most needy families.  He has committed his life to God and giving back.  Like Luci says, “This program works!  We may not see it today or tomorrow.  I’m proof of it!  We must stay the course!”  Thank you Luci for reminding us to stay at it!

We are asking you to prayerfully consider your year end gift with ACF.  Help us to raise up children!  We know it takes time, we know it takes resources, and we know it’s hard work.  We could not do this work without you!  This is your ministry.  We thank you that you that you choose to partner with us in staying the course.  We believe we have the best partners any ministry could ever ask for or imagine!  We are raising Romania together!  Please consider a year end gift of $20, $50 $100 or more if you are able! We can’t think of any better return for your investment!  God bless you as you give, and God bless you and your families coming upon a new year.

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