Defending the right for every child to have their own unique God-given voice is very important! It is important to the child and to God’s Kingdom here on earth.

As Another Child Foundation moves into our 10th year of ministry we needed to think about the purpose of our ministry and where God was leading us. So, after much prayer and thought ACF has revised our mission statement. Our new Mission statement reads like this:

Our specific Just Cause is to fight for the right of every voiceless child, born or unborn to have their own unique and God-given voice. We do this be helping people do missions better through diverse partnerships with like-minded people. ACF is looking for as many people as possible to join us in the Just Cause of being a Voice for the Voiceless child.

We also believe God has opened the doors for us to reach, teach and transform the lives of even more voiceless children. Besides Romania, we will now be taking mission trip people to Guatemala, South Africa and domestic trip right here in the states.

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