We want to thank Laura Richey of Walnut, Illinois for her guest post today. 

Jesus loves Romania – the bible tells me so (John 3:16). And there are daily reminders, too, of God’s love and care for these precious people, in the work He is doing there to bring them into a relationship with His Son. For starters, there’s the Point of Hope – which is a beautiful school full of amazing and brilliant students and dedicated, world-changing teachers and staff – Gabi, Dacian, and others, all rejoicing and focused in purpose for the work God is doing. I was blessed to visit the Point of Hope during an ACF Mission trip a few years ago, and seeing all the ways God was providing for their ministry was incredibly encouraging.

There are countless ways God is working in Romania.  And we have the privilege of seeing what God is doing, thanks to Another Child Foundation. Also thanks to ACF, you can experience God’s work and His care for the people of Romania firsthand, and realize His love for you in new ways, too. You’re invited to go and see for yourself!