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With your generosity, we can feed families that are in need
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Our goal is to raise enough support to provide 120 families enough food for 3 weeks. The Easter holiday season is a great time to provide this vital food.



Donate 1, 2 or even more grocery bags to keep the families God has called us to serve with food at Easter

Due to continuing COVID-19 outbreaks, mothers are desperate and looking for ways to feed their families. After hearing of this emergency I immediately emailed him back telling him that help is on the way and that he could count on us to help! Now is your chance to help this desperate mother!

The staff at the Point of Hope is planning for food bags to be given to families connected to the Point of Hope school. It costs just $15 to fill a bag with one weeks worth of groceries. The mothers of these families need your help NOW! A desperate mother cried, “how much longer can this last? We can’t survive much longer!

Your $15 gift right now will provide a bag of groceries and household items for an entire week. Your gift of $30 will help 2 families for a week!

The Covid-19 pandemic is still causing chaos in the small village these families live in. Food is the most important item these families need. One grocery bag of food can last the family for a week.  A minimal investment for a saving a hungry family. However, it is important to share with you a story from the desperate mom.

She has 5 kids. 3 attend the Point of Hope Center. All she wants to do is feed all her kids a simple meal twice a day. This will cost her about $3 a day more than she has available. It’s just not possible for her to do this without your help.

With the social-distancing requirements in place, the parents aren’t working because their jobs have been eliminated. Her family will continue to struggle during this time. Food will become very scarce without people like you stepping up and helping.

You can respond to this URGENT need by giving  a SECURE gift right now!  You will be glad you did!


To reach, teach, and transform the lives of orphaned and at-risk children in Romania.


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