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Our goal is to raise enough support to purchase meals for all of the immediate families who have children who attend the Point of Hope Center. Once we meet our GOAL any extra funds raised will be directed to the overall program at the Point of Hope.


Christmas Meal Appeal’s Christmas, and you’re trying hard to make a special family meal from a couple items you’ve managed to buy from the grocery store.  You spent all your money on a couple potatoes and chicken scraps that were going to be thrown out.  Now you have the task of distributing your already thin meal for one person among your six children and hopefully yourself.  Providing food on a very limited income is a challenge that many of our children’s families face daily. For many of our Roma children Christmas, without your help, will be a long cold night with an empty belly!

     Today you can help a family or multiple families by providing a Christmas meal for only $14!  We are looking for generous people like you to help provide the many meals needed during this Christmas season for the families we serve. Your support of a delicious Christmas meal for a needy family is a Christmas dream come true! The benefits of  a simple meal mean much more than just a full belly for one day. This GIFT let’s these families know that they ARE NOT FORGOTTEN during this season of JOY!

     Can you help today?  For just $14 you can provide the JOY & HOPE a family needs this Christmas! Your gift may change a family FOREVER! The cost of fresh food in Romania is surprisingly inexpensive, so your $14 goes a LONG WAY.  $14 provides a full grocery bag of food. Each bag will contain a whole chicken, potatoes, rice, bread, flour, margarine, oil, and other items these families struggle to buy for themselves. 

     Through the generosity of people like you things are changing in the community surrounding the Point of Hope.  Lives are being transformed, and HOPE is abounding!  I can see it each and every time I go to Romania.  Now is your chance to help these mothers and families celebrate our Savior’s birth and enjoy a special Christmas meal with their children.  As you help you will be joining forces with others to provide a gift of JOY and HOPE for a family desperate to be known and loved.  Remember that each meal you donate is a TREMENDOUS BARGAIN! A $70 donation will provide 5 full meals!  A $140 donation will help 10 families enjoy a JOYFUL Christmas! 

     Your support of supplying Christmas meals is needed NOW! There are still many families to help.  December 12 is our deadline for these meals.  I can’t wait to see the expression of JOY on the faces of mothers and their kids as we hand them a full bag of groceries!  We are excited for you to also be part of that JOY!

     Whatever level of support you decide to give is an answer to prayer!

The final picture I want you to imagine is a little child on Christmas night with a full tummy.  As he settles off to sleep, he dreams of better days ahead simply because you shared some of the resources God has gifted to you.

Will you join us in providing meals for needy families this Christmas? May God bless your donation and bring joy to your heart as well!


To reach, teach, and transform the lives of orphaned and at-risk children in Romania.


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