A couple weeks ago, my family was blessed with a second grandchild. Little Waverly Oloffson entered the world 7 weeks earlier than expected. It was some stress-filled few days until we realized that Waverly had no complications at all. She was fully healthy and beautiful. I guess she was just ready to see her mom, dad and big brother Jaxon.

However, I had a conversation with Jaxon that I want to share with you today. As my daughter Brittany was about to give birth Jaxon and I were enjoying a McDonald’s lunch together when he asked me, “papa, are you going to love me as much as my sister?” I was taken back by the question. I told him, “of course, I will love you as much.” We then had a conversation on the level of a 6-year old about love and how God gives us the ability to love many people the equally. I pray he ended up knowing that his papa was always going to be there for him and will love his new sister the same. No favorites!

This leads me up to the point where you all come into the story. On September 25 Another Child announced we will be adding a new level of ministry to the work God has given to us. These NEW mission opportunities are part of an expanded reach to help more under-served children around the world. We are so excited for what God has planned for this new outreach. However, please know that NOTHING WILL CHANGE in Romania.

            When we first stated this ministry in 2010, we had limited expertise on how to do ministry. Over the past 9+ years, God has taught us a lot. Therefore, in December of 2018 I started praying about the next step for our ministry. What God revealed to me was staggering and still a bit scary. We are now in the process of vetting three more ministries that are international and two domestic ministries for us to collaborate with.

So, just as I assured Jaxon a few weeks ago about his new little sister taking away some of the love he feels from papa; I want to assure you that our work in Romania is just like our first child or grand-child. Loved in a very special way but not more than the other blessings God gives to us.

So, please keep looking for more information. We pray you are as excited for these new opportunities to serve children as we are.

Tim Oloffson- ACF Executive Director