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Can you still remember the smell of your mother’s Christmas dinner? Or recall the uncontainable excitement and anticipation of looking under the Christmas tree for the gifts with YOUR NAME on them?

Or how about some of the great traditions that come with Christmas, like decorating the family tree? The one I fondly remember is the singing of Silent Night at the Christmas Eve service our family would always attend.

NOW is your chance to help bring these same traditions and memories to a child and their family. Your gift of $25 is needed by December 6 to provide 1 family the start they need to celebrate Christmas in a joyous way.

Christmas is a very special time of the year for many people. We treasure those memories and pass on the traditions. For our kids in Romania there are very few happy memories and traditions of Christmas. UNTIL NOW! You can help us continue developing these new traditions the kids and families are starting to experience.

The Christmas Meals and More program can be your way of helping children and their families start these traditions & new memories. It’s hard to believe donating $25 can have such an impact on an entire family. BUT IT DOES! And you’ll love the feeling of helping a family experience the true meaning of Christmas.

The pride these mothers have by being able to cook a yummy Christmas meal is priceless. And you get the chance to be part of this family tradition.

There is 1 family that needs your help right now! I pray you can provide support for 1, 2 or even more families that want the same memories and traditions you enjoy. But it starts with helping one family!       

Here is exactly what your $25 gift will provide a child and their family. A beautifully wrapped Christmas present for a child attending the Point of Hope. Along with a bag of groceries filled with delicious items that will help the mothers prepare a special Christmas meal for the family. This is ALWAYS A BIG HIT with the moms!

“Handing out Christmas gifts and groceries for a Christmas meal is one of  my favorite things to do as a teacher at the POH.”

– Florina

Wouldn’t you love to see ALL of the children who attend the school receive a gift this Christmas? I am sure you would! And for the bargain price of $25 you can provide a gift and a bag of groceries to a child and family.

Your gift is needed by December 6. This will give our awesome staff the time to go and purchase all the items needed. There are over 100 families needing help this Christmas.

I know you love these kids like I do. Is there a better time to show them your love than right now? Christmas is the perfect time to give a sacrificial gift to help tell the story of the birth of our Savior for the world.

Thank You & Merry Christmas!

Tim Oloffson- Executive Director


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