Date of birth: March 27, 2013

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Grade: 1st Year Preschool

Likes: Listening to music

Iasmina lives with her parents and with her 3 older brothers. Her parents have seasonal jobs in agriculture in Germany, while in the winter they rely on social help from the government. When the parents are abroad, the children are left in the care of their grandmother, on the mother’s side. The family doesn’t own the home they live in, however they have two rooms and adequate furnishing. This is Iasmina’s second year at Point of Hope. She started this school year later though, because of acute hepatitis which required a longer time for recovery. Now she is doing well and she readjusted well to the group environment. Compared to last year she is more active during activities and she is very interested in learning new things.


  • Iasmina the opportunity to attend school
  • Receive daily attention from a loving staff
  • A Christian based education
  • Food, clothes and regular hot showers
  • Love & Hope


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