Date of birth: April 17, 2015

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Grade: 1st Year Preschool

Likes: Watching cartoons and dancing

Denisa lives with her parents and with her older brother. The house they live in was built by her father and has two rooms. Her mother is a stay home mom, while her father works at a security company. This is Denisa’s first year at Point of Hope. She started this school year later though, because of acute hepatitis which required a longer time for recovery. The first few days in preschool were difficult for her and she would often cry, wanting her mom. She is doing better now, she likes her class mates and she is very friendly with both children and adults. She doesn’t have patience during activities, and she doesn’t listen to all the instructions her teacher gives. She has a lot to learn, in order to keep up with the other children in her group, including knowing the colors and coloring within the lines. However, she is very positive and happy with her abilities and accomplishments, which is why we believe that she will do very well in the future.


  • Denisa the opportunity to attend school
  • Receive daily attention from a loving staff
  • A Christian based education
  • Food, clothes and regular hot showers
  • Love & Hope


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